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Loyalty Management: Ecommerce

Organizations must ensure that the website is engineered to deliver the best possible experience for each customer. With the activity on ecommerce and social media sites growing exponentially, it’s become imperative to understand customer’s online behavior. Loyalty Square team has extensive capabilities in web crawling, clickstream data extraction and analysis, text mining and classification algorithms to provide customized services as mentioned below:

Clickstream and Weblog Analysis: The large amount clickstream or weblog data provides information on visitors surfing pattern – entry/exit pages, time spent per page, pages visited per session, click-through rates, etc. This information helps in designing pages for better conversion and search engine optimization (SEO).

Dynamic Recommendations: Based on a combination of product affinities, demographic profile of visitor, past surfing behavior and transactions, Loyalty Square provides dynamic recommendations personalized for every visitor on the site. The recommendations - "Customers Who Viewed This Also Viewed", "You Might Also Like", "Customers WhP Purchased This Also Purchased", "Recommended Products", etc. are dynamically generated at every page that the visitor visits. These recommendations can result into incremental sales between 10-30%.

Visitor Behavior Profiling: Based on visitor’s surfing behavior, it is possible to understand visitor’s intention and hence, customized offers can be given at run-time for enhanced shopping experience and incremental revenue.

Website Monitoring: With increase in business activity online and availability of information, corporates are gathering competitive information, product feedback, customer opinions, etc. Loyalty Square has extensive experience in web crawling technologies, text mining and classification algorithms to provide customized and automated reports.

Opinion Mining: Traditionally, the customers’ feedback has been obtained from primary surveys by market research firms. Since the customers are increasingly posting their feedback online, it’s cost effective to get opinions/feedback about the company, products and services from blogs and review sites. Loyalty Square provides customized services to aggregate opinions from online sources for a given product or service.

Ecommerce Search Engine: Loyalty Square's search engine capability incorporates product tags information from the product description, popular products, click-through rates and provides relevant search results. According to various studies, efficient search engine on ecommerce site can increase the sales by 5-15%. decresse


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