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Loyalty Management: Retail

Organized retailers are leaving no stone unturned to ‘know’ their customers better. By ‘knowing’ their customers, they feel that they can serve their customers better. Hence, customer centric strategies have remained the primary focus across businesses. Loyalty management is a very vital part of customer experience and has gained importance due to the increased efforts by companies to attract and retain customers.

Loyalty Square helps fuel your business growth and profitability through our marketing analytics such as response models, cross sell analytics, retention strategies, market basket analysis, sales force effectiveness and market mix models.

  • Customer Buying Behavior
  • Response Models
  • Cross-sell Analytics
  • Retention Strategies
  • Market Basket Analysis
  • Sales Force Effectiveness
  • Market Mix Models


Loyalty Management: Financial Services 

Customer loyalty in the banking sector can be measured by four dimensions: satisfaction, retention, migration, and enthusiasm. The first two are based on rational customer behaviors where tangible and measurable factors are considered to determine the loyalty of customers to a bank. If a customer is satisfied with a bank’s services, he will perform repeat transactions to show his loyalty to the bank (retention). Emotional loyalty affects decisions made by customers that are based on factors relating to transaction frequency, transaction volume, number of products utilized, and amount of funds invested in a bank. Spiritual loyalty is when customers voluntarily promote the bank, and even defend it when it gets negative feedback from others. Loyal customers are the ones who have the enthusiasm about the brands or products they use.

  • Behavioral Segmentation
  • Behavior Scorecards
  • Account Level Profitability
  • Cross-sell Analytics
  • Churn Management


Loyalty Management: Telecom

The telecom sector is a rapidly growing industry worldwide. The introduction of advanced technologies and stiff market competition has made the telecom sector a much more challenging industry. Telecom companies have started understanding the fact that maintaining customer loyalty has a very important role for increasing revenue.

Some of the solutions offered by Loyalty Square include:

  • Behavioral Segmentation
  • Behavior Scorecards
  • Customer Lifetime Value
  • Cross-sell Analytics
  • Understand Drivers of Churn


Loyalty Management: Ecommerce/Social Media

Organizations must ensure that the website is engineered to deliver the best possible experience for each customer. With the activity on ecommerce and social media sites growing exponentially, it’s become imperative to understand customer’s online behavior. Loyalty Square team has extensive capabilities in web crawling, clickstream data extraction and analysis, text mining and classification algorithms to provide customized services as mentioned below:

  • Clickstream and Weblog Analysis
  • Dynamic Recommendations
  • Visitor Behavior Profiling
  • Website Monitoring
  • Opinion Mining
  • Ecommerce Search Engine


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